Friday, November 26, 2010

What It Takes to Make Christmas Come Alive

We were always awed by the after-works of Christmas decorations and never got to witness the process of constructing those scenes. This year, I managed to catch the staff at 1U putting up the decorations and work actually began as early as 9 in the morning!

Well, I still have yet to guess what this year's theme is, but a lot of effort has gone into constructing these buildings. Yes, I've seen them sawing and nailing boards together. I've seen them actually painting them.

And look! These miniature buildings were actually fitted with electricity, with lights in them and the windows are draped with curtains!

Literally building everything from scratch. Just like actual buildings.

Onlookers and passers-by were drawn to the whole scene.

There's a bridge there. And covered with red carpet in the centre of it.

Staff discussing and ensuring that the plans are executed properly.

Decorating those trees ain't easy.

And I'm a lil worried for this guy. Perched right on top of the ladder stretching all the way out to decorate those flowers.

The overall scene. I can't wait till everything is done!

I couldn't help but feel deep appreciation for these people who put so much effort into bringing the spirit of Christmas alive! All that for just a single month of display!

Thank you for bringing to us the wonderful atmosphere of Christmas! =)

Monday, November 1, 2010

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade!

Been kinda down and bothered lately. Too many thoughts, too many things to be sorted out.

Time is running out for me. Those occasional panic breakouts and kan-jiong-ness are happening more often. Maybe I shouldn't target perfection. Maybe I should just let things down one notch and strive for my best.

But striving for my best without attaining the best of what things can be is so not me. And it comes back to the perfection question again. Chicken and egg problem. And I tell people, nothing is ever perfect. Gahhh. Contradictory.

I'm trying. Again and again and again. Swallowing those frustrations and worries numerous times. Telling myself that probably the next time I would hit something. I could learn something from Edison.

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Marrying Game

The title was from an article published in The Star today. And after reading the contents, I can't help but conclude how true they were!

The stats showed that more than 40% of men do not get married due to financial problems. And the problem women encountered is because they couldn't find a suitable candidate.

True, ain't it?

If you ask me, why am I not attached at the moment, I would tell you just one word. Uncertainty. Alright, I admit, there are traces of fear and insecurity as well. No one can see the future, no one can tell what the future holds for us all. What? Take a leap of faith, you said? Take a chance? Well I'd love to. But fear always hits back at me. Always. 101%.

Maybe I should conquer my fear and place my faith in Fate. Alright, you can criticise me for being overly negative. Or for not living what I preach to others. To me, the dating phase is like a sunny spring garden - beautiful, full of promises, dotted with butterflies and all things colorful. Marriage is like summer, when the flowers bloom at their best. However what comes after marriage are family commitments. Now this is where the real challenges start and understanding comes into play.

Nevertheless, I still believe in a summer that lasts forever.

I believe everyone cherishes individual freedom to some extent. But also, everyone needs to feel needed and loved as well. Its inherent. There are compromises to be made. Classic fairytales are immensely rare if not extinct. But we can all make our own modern fairytales. The spark, the joy, the love, the respect and the chemistry are what brought two people together in the first place. Never let them die. Immortalise them.

Life is never smooth sailing, but with the right thoughts and attitude, we can make life an exciting voyage. And I will still keep believing that unconditional love stands the test of time. That however conditions change, there is still that mutual respect and care that each person has for another.

Kind of relieved now that I have blogged part of my thoughts. But I've still got work to do in conquering my insecurities and fears haha.

Anyway, twas a lovely evening yesterday! Captured this picture in fluorescent mode on my mobile.

Do share some thoughts if you have any! Maybe you could help me conquer my inner insecurities. =) muchos gracias!

Friday, October 22, 2010

That sparkle of joy in the eyes

Hmm. Do you feel uplifted when someone flashes a genuine smile at you? One in which the eyes speak everything?

Alright. I admit. I am a visual person. I like to observe. Inquisitive mind. And what I saw, I like to conjure up a story in my head.

And I always, almost all the time, prefer happy stories.

Well ok, who doesn't anyway? ;)

You know when people say that if a person's smile is genuine, you can see it in his/her eyes too? I totally buy that. Undeniably the windows to the soul. Its that sparkle of joy and bliss that I find solace in. And it always lifts my mood. I feel it.

Now, do pardon me if I start staring into your eyes. LOL. Then again, maybe I could do with a Mr Sunshine in my life. Haha!

Attended one of my long-time friend's wedding last Saturday. Special thanks to her for giving me the opportunity to sneak around with my camera. =D Here's sharing one of the edits. The one that I love best.

Congratulations to Justin and Diane! Wishing you both lasting bliss, joy and happiness! =)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just Married =)

Well, I was walking half-dazedly to pay my parking ticket after dinner and then I turned around and saw this.

Yes you can imagine my excitement (*read: pointing at the car jumping up and down*) at that moment. xD I was literally awed!

Now that is a very, very unconventional and surprising move! Imagine when this car goes on the road. Everyone would be smiling! It would bring back fond memories for some if not most! Kids would be screaming delighted! Now I don't see this as setting standards on what guys should do, but rather let's all feel happy for the couple in that they have taken a very unique and bold approach. A move that would definitely leave you smiling. =)

Congratulations to Andy and Lynn! Whoever or wherever you both are! Thank you both for lifting my spirit and leaving a huge smile on my face! =D Wishing you both continuous excitement in life and all the best that life can offer!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Process of Falling

Suggestive title, eh? Haha!

Was driving to work this morning with a very, very gloomy weather (hey it was drizzling and the skies were grey and it would be awesome to sleep in but had to drag my big fat butt off to work T.T). Anyways!

So this thought came to me while I was driving. Yeah ok, those mellow Mandarin songs got thoughts running through my head. And the fact that I got pawned big time on this particular subject left traces that contributed to those thoughts too.

So what's all this falling about?

First it started as fascination. Aha, I think some of you might have had light bulbs on your heads now! Now zip your mouths while I finish my Oscar-award speech.

Fascination. Then slowly, slowly, fascination links the path of observation. And then comes the foundation for friendships and the sorts. Slowly this combination of elation, mesmerisation and fascination combines to form a lethal weapon that leaves you entrapped within helplessly.

And then it happens. You started tripping. Butterflies visit your innards. Bouts of sudden increased heartbeats. Flushed cheeks. What happens after you trip?

You FALL. =) Maybe small time. Maybe BIG time. Ok lame sorry. There's no such thing as small time.

But what continues after the fall -the getting up again, is not an easy path to walk. Determination and understanding are entirely needed with occasional doses of sparks and fireflies to keep the journey exciting.

Damn, I think I'm on writer's mode now. I should go continue working on my writings. See ya peeps! Hope this post entertained you somewhat, in some way! xD

Picture of the day: mushroom bruschettas!

I'm missing these bruschettas already! =(

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hoot Hoot!

In anticipation of a movie coming end of September, I have changed my wallpaper to the following.

Yes, the Owls of Ga'Hoole. =) Legend of the Guardians.

Saw the trailer some time back and I was totally awed and captivated! Isn't that barn owl in the wallpaper adorable?

Some interesting beliefs on the Owl.

Middle and Far East

In some middle and far eastern cultures, the owl is a sacred guardian of the afterlife, ruler of the night, a seer and keeper of souls transitioning from one plane of existence to another.

Ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks attributed the owl to Athena, goddess of wisdom and foresight. This symbol was used on Greek coins and therefore also became associated with wealth.


Native Americans attributed owls with wisdom and sacred knowledge. The shaman would call upon Owl medicine for insight into the truth of ill-intent. Plains Indians wore owl feathers to protect against evil spirits.


West African and Aboriginal Australian cultures also saw the owl as a messenger of secrets, and companions to medicine people.


In the celtic tradition, the owl (cailleach-oidhche), represents wisdom, clairvoyance, stealth, initiation, change and detachment. Always aware of its surroundings, the owl uses intuition courageously, with insight into hidden truth, and a guide between earth creatures and Underworld deities.


If You Are Drawn to the Owl

The owl’s gift of heightened senses enables it to see through deception, external appearances and illusion and to discover hidden truths.

If you are drawn to owls or owl symbolism, you may have this same ability to uncover secrets. People may feel uneasy around you, as if you are able to see through pretence. The owl also teaches us to acknowledge the dark side of our personality, and in that darkness we may find food for growth.

If people do not speak words that reflect the truth of their actions and motives, owl medicine (as referred to by aboriginal cultures) will guide you with vision and inner knowing to reveal the truth. The owl puts an end to doubt and offers vision and clarity of the truth of events, people or circumstances in your life.

I've been seeing too many things related to the owl lately. Perhaps its time for this majestic night creature to step into my life. =)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Haven amidst chaos =)

If not because of my sister's gathering with her friends, I would never have known the existence of this place.

It is indeed a haven amidst chaos.

Could only manage to capture the following with my mobile. The pictures are not doing justification to the place in reality. =/

Alright, to you guys out there, be romantic and take your GF to this place for dining at night! *grins*

Check out Teeq Brasserie at the Forest in the City! ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This is what I feel like now...

Current feelings.

What do u think it feels like to sit in the clouds while looking at the world below? =)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

If you can...

Ok, I still have a couple of outdated posts to catch up on, and I think I shall post them as pix-posts soon! *hopefully*

And by outdated, I mean really, really outdated! Well anyways! xD

Thought I'd do some abstract writing, which somehow speaks for me.

If you can...

let the wind take you away
be immersed in the rich golden hues of a sunset
contemplate among the solitary stillness of a forest
smile at the mist-covered mountains in the morning
fall in love with the yawns of new born puppies
breathe in that crisp freshness of dawn
bask in the quiet shimmer of starlight
be touched by small acts of kindness in daily life
count your blessings for each chocolate cookie you have
enjoy the lap of waves at your feet

Then you would have understood some deepest parts of me. =)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life's too fleeting for regrets, viva la vida!

I think my blog is now covered in spiderwebs. Just a short update before catching up on long overdue posts.

One of my recent FB updates read :

"You and I, we're but characters passing by on this stage called World, bound by the threads of Fate and Destiny. Life's too fleeting to get beaten down, so stay positive and keep your head up to the skies!"

Just a thought that hit me one fine morning.

Sometimes, we tend to get too caught up in our negative vibes. Trapped within a flurry of emotions leaving us numbed and out of breath, and in a chain of reactions leading to lost moments and moodless days.

One Republic sang it well with 'Stop and Stare'. Perhaps it may be advisable to really stop for a moment from everything we busy ourselves with. And take a look at how daily concerns have changed and shaped us.

Life's too fleeting for any regrets! Let's stay upbeat and make the best out of each moment!

We wouldn't wanna be looking back at our lives one day and say, "I should have made that moment count!", would we?


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Google Home Background

Google provided the option of changing their homepage background.

And Mozilla introduced Firefox Personas.

And this is what my browser and Google home looks like now.

A white wolf as my guardian and a scene of serene mountains/forest. =)

Lotsa posts to update! Birthday celebrations, a special handmade photo album, conference, outing with Polish friends..stay tuned!



Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Will be away from the blogging scene till end of next week.

Getting really exhausted now both mentally and physically.

Woke up with trembling hands and legs from a nap last night due to over-exertion. I think its time to call for a break.

Conference up next week. Hectic 4 days from 1st June - 4th June. Anyone wants to come listen to my boring and technical presentation? =)

Starting June 5th, I'm SO going to self declare a few days of break for personal rejuvenation time!

Will update then piccies of birthday celebrations with friends and a lovely handmade album.

Currently addicted to 五月天 - 最重要的小事.

Don't know why, this song makes me cry and touches me deeply. T.T Love the lyrics! Reminds me of the people around me who truly cares.

Ok, till June 5th then! Ciao!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've lost that feeling long, long time ago.

But somehow, today's different. That carefree feeling, the indescribable joy in its purest form alighted in my heart again.

Live and let live. Live and let go.

Peace is within me. =)

Nahh give u a picture of cute Nemos! Don't play play, they're the Charlie's Angels in their community! =D

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 129 of The Journey

The blustery wind swept across my feet

A brightly lit path

Now drowned in ominous shadows

No turning back, no chance for regrets

Its a one way journey and imma forge ahead

Who could have seen what was coming

Who would have thought sincerity was but laced with agenda

A world of turbulence

Existence of frenemies

In the end does it even matter?

Gems are aplenty

And Painites few and rare

These I hold tight and dear to me

Its a long winding road ahead

A seasoned heart

A determined traveller

Imma make it and rise above everything

Who's gonna come along now

And be my saving grace?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Seeking The Magic Number 7 in May

The story.

May 1st, 2010 :: Trying to crack my head over the planning of a birthday surprise for Kelvin.

The process of deciding the venue, time and HOW to mislead him is a REAL CHALLENGE.

Because this long time buddy of mine is one quiet-but-extremely-observant-don't-judge-me-sitting-nonchalantly-there-in-fact-i-know-every-single-thing friend.

And so!

After creating a FB event page and inviting most of our friends and post-discussion, we decided Nerofico at Damansara Heights to be the venue.

Now, let me tell u something.

Kelvin has brains that tries to poke at every possible scenario that might take place. In other words, if u tell him A, he wouldn't give u the benefit of it until u can convince him that is IT IS A.

And especially if ur a long time friend, he will give u that look that says "ur not hiding something behind me are u?" and scrutinise u while working his brains at the speed of light to process any flaws that u might have accidentally conjured.

And so, I had to put on my best POKERFACE and tell him the following:

"Kelvin u free this Friday nite arr? This year we're just gonna do a dinner..its gonna be u, me, Aries, Billy and Albert..u good with it? I need to confirm so I can book the place."

I had to say it as-a-matter-of-factly as I could.

"So ur ok? I booked the place at 8pm. You come with Albert then."

While text messages started flying out to everyone involved regarding the plans, it was all good until Cheong came and Kelvin saw him and he saw Kelvin right smack in the eye like, 30 mins before the event.


We got a private room and it was really lovely! Here's a shot of the menu.

We ordered our own mains and two pizzas to share. One is their house pizza while the other is vegetarian (thank u guys!!! T.T).

YeeJie looking all professional in serving us pizza. He insisted on serving only the girls while the guys had to settle themselves haha! Awwww..

Now that's my order! Glass of fresh apple. And, fettucine cooked in carbonara sauce with fresh shiitake mushrooms and sundried tomatoes (which tasted awfully funny!). But credits to them, the fettucine was done just right and it was the best I've tasted so far! Seriously, this plate is for sharing! The sauce was awesome!

Choong Hoe admiring his risotto.

And the birthday boy trying to pluck out the candles which we stuffed deeper in.

And here he is, doing the traditional session of plucking the candles out using his mouth =))

Picture of Jacey and I! She always looks so gorgeous! And I think I look a lil elfish and dazed. Ok nvm. =p

And finally, the group picture! Somehow, Kelvin seemed so blissfully happy! LOL!

Thanks everyone for helping to make this a good dinner! =D

Happy 25th once again Kelvin! Hope it was a good one for u! =)

Friday, April 30, 2010

I Gotta Feeling~

*That tonight's gonna be a good night, that tonight's gonna be a good good night~*

Come sing together! =D

Fridayyyyyyy!! TGIF!

Its been one heck of a week! Sleeping off the entire night when I was supposed to nap for 30 minutes. *sighs* I think work is taking its toll on me. T.T boohoohooo.

And then salad-mania happened.

Second salad combinaton of the week. Yesterday's lunch.

I know the colors all very pweety thankiu veli much! =D

And veli healthy too. Cheery, no wait, CHEERY,....urghhh!!! I kept typing the wrong word!! Ok, CHEE...CHERRY tomatoes rawks! *groans* >< (please note that i did not use backspace on this line)

Drove home from uni on Thursday and the evening was lovely. Took these pix with my Hero.

Ok idontcareimmaenjoyFridayto the maxxxx!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

That Nike workout top

That was motivation. Yeah I meant the title.

Those workout tops from Nike and Adidas are awesome!

But, I think I shall tone up a bit before getting any. Someone not entirely fit (*hint* me!) wearing such sporty outfits, quite potong loh. =/

Ahh I miss my fittest self!

On a mission to hit the optimum fitness and health!

Day #1 (Today!) --> First detox!

Salads and whole grain bread for lunch. Plus a cuppa my favourite chamomile tea.

A box of goodness of butterhead, corals, capsicums, cherry tomatoes, raisins and 2 slices of grapefruit!

Wahh I feel healthier already just by mentioning/looking at them! xD

Let's see how long this determination lasts! xD

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random #2


I'm feeling restless. Its 2.33am.

Saw a car turned onto its side in Bandar Utama. Right in the middle of the road. Drive safe ppl!

I think, I desperately need a break! That dry feeling is haunting me again. You know how sometimes when you continuously work on the same thing for an endless stretch you somehow get that bland taste in your mouth? =|

Me want a Night Fury! Me want to fly away!

Ohh, and I saw Paul Moss, Amber Chia and her hubby the last 2 days. Was at this vegetarian restaurant when I looked outside, *stared*, *blinked* and commented, "whoaaaaaa she's hawwwtt!". Then she walked in and I thought her hair and face cut looked familiar. AMBER! She was donning shades.

Random picture for this post :

No I did not go diving. This was taken from the tunnel in Aquaria KLCC.

Aight The Owl (you know who you are) is chasing me to sleep. Nights y'all!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Random #1


Seems like its going to rain. Can smell it.

Had a good dose of laughing yesterday. More like amusement. Seeing someone going tomato in the face for the first time. Lol that was classic! Never knew that person could actually laugh out loud in public while on MSN.

Iced green tea soy latte is not bad really.

Addicted to the following songs these days :-
1. Hey, Soul Sister by Train
2. The Saltwater Room by Owl City
3. Sexy Chick by David Guetta ft Akon

I need to recuperate and get some good rest. Time to indulge in sports again. Those fats are depressing! Rawr! >=(

Random picture for this post:

Yums. Aglio Olio spaghetti ala vegetarian style with special requests of sauteed mushrooms, brocolli, cauliflower and cherry tomatoes thrown in. Oh, and a good dose of grounded black pepper with toppings of parmesan cheese.

Simple but tantalising. Only at D'lish Bangsar.

3.58am now.

Oh, some funny lines from FlyFM Pagi show. How do you tell someone his fly is open?
1. The bird has left the cage.
2. The cucumber has to return to the salad (huh?)
3. Quasimodo has to go back to his tower to tend to his bells.


I think imma hit the sacks. Good night world!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Would you rather hurt than feel nothing at all?

Spinning Lady Antebellum's Need You Now.

Ok I know the title sounds emo but its a phrase taken from the song.

Then again, back to the topic. Would you rather hurt than feel nothing at all?

Blogging this because I really felt for a few close friends. Wished I could do something but superpowers are beyond me. Nor am I capable of magnificent feats. I can only provide a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a comforting presence and the sharing of joy.

Sometimes, I whole-heartedly wished that I am blessed with the Gift of Healing.

Maybe in a way, it's better to have felt nothing. Then we don't have to go through the suffering of enduring all those pain. No pain means we go through life in a monotonous manner, no 'suddenly' unexpected slamming of invisible forces onto our chests leaving us feeling vulnerable, breathless and curling up in excruciating emptiness within...

But, we do feel pain. Most of the time. That invisible force slamming into us. That dark matter draining us of all feelings and leaving us feeling devoid and empty inside. That huge piece of dark cloud robbing us of our sunlight and all that is cheery. That shower of thorns raining into our hearts leaving deep scratches of painful bleeding scars.

They say time heals. With pain, we learn to grow. We learn how to appreciate. We learn to let go. Live and let live. We learn to forgive.

And perhaps, we learn to love again.

Nothing is ever permanent. We'll get by. And we'll emerge stronger. Better. Just like the formation of diamonds through intense heat and pressure.

A BIG HUG goes out to my close friends who are reading this and are feeling this. My heart is with u all. *HUGZ*

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Same Old Brand New Blog

Brand new look. Brand new header. Same old spot.


Taking my life into a whole new direction.

Rejuvenated. Refreshed. Entirely new fighting spirit!

Lazy to explain why 'The Unconventional Angel'. I shall leave that for the next post. Hahaha.

Cheers peeps! =D