Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wow? First post of 2012?

Ok. I totally did not realise that this is the first post of 2012. *sweat*

*brushes away cobwebs, spring cleans*

Just watched Hunger Games today. Katniss is just so freakin' cool! Stood out literally as the Girl on Fire. *loves* thanks to her (and Legolas!) now I have the urge to pick up archery. Yeah maybe I should really give it a try someday!

Truth be told Haymitch looks better on screen than in the book. I like him.

And that feeling returns after watching Hunger Games. Just like how it felt after watching Avatar and LOTR. The way Katniss belongs in the woods, the way Legolas owns the jungle. Maybe I was a hunter in a past life hahaha. Or someone who lives in the woods. If I could I'd choose to be both a warrior and a healer. Ok just being random. =D

BUT. I am just a normal city girl. I couldn't fight this inner calling. It isn't about personal achievements or milestones or successes. It isn't about realising all my dreams. And it doesn't just include caring for loved ones. It is far-fetched. Very. If I said I wanted to do something for the world, how much could I contribute?

There is just too much suffering, too much pain, too much hurt in this world. Can I do something?

I recently read some books on how the world is interconnected on the subconscious level. Maybe I could start from there. Little by little, one step at a time? It sounds possible. We could create the Ripple Effect. Energy never gets destroyed, it only changes form right? If each person sends out positive energy to two other persons, then we get 4, 8, 16, 32... now that is something that can be carried out.

So it begins within ourselves. Be the change you want to see in the world. Gandhi said it well.