Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Will be away from the blogging scene till end of next week.

Getting really exhausted now both mentally and physically.

Woke up with trembling hands and legs from a nap last night due to over-exertion. I think its time to call for a break.

Conference up next week. Hectic 4 days from 1st June - 4th June. Anyone wants to come listen to my boring and technical presentation? =)

Starting June 5th, I'm SO going to self declare a few days of break for personal rejuvenation time!

Will update then piccies of birthday celebrations with friends and a lovely handmade album.

Currently addicted to 五月天 - 最重要的小事.

Don't know why, this song makes me cry and touches me deeply. T.T Love the lyrics! Reminds me of the people around me who truly cares.

Ok, till June 5th then! Ciao!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've lost that feeling long, long time ago.

But somehow, today's different. That carefree feeling, the indescribable joy in its purest form alighted in my heart again.

Live and let live. Live and let go.

Peace is within me. =)

Nahh give u a picture of cute Nemos! Don't play play, they're the Charlie's Angels in their community! =D

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 129 of The Journey

The blustery wind swept across my feet

A brightly lit path

Now drowned in ominous shadows

No turning back, no chance for regrets

Its a one way journey and imma forge ahead

Who could have seen what was coming

Who would have thought sincerity was but laced with agenda

A world of turbulence

Existence of frenemies

In the end does it even matter?

Gems are aplenty

And Painites few and rare

These I hold tight and dear to me

Its a long winding road ahead

A seasoned heart

A determined traveller

Imma make it and rise above everything

Who's gonna come along now

And be my saving grace?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Seeking The Magic Number 7 in May

The story.

May 1st, 2010 :: Trying to crack my head over the planning of a birthday surprise for Kelvin.

The process of deciding the venue, time and HOW to mislead him is a REAL CHALLENGE.

Because this long time buddy of mine is one quiet-but-extremely-observant-don't-judge-me-sitting-nonchalantly-there-in-fact-i-know-every-single-thing friend.

And so!

After creating a FB event page and inviting most of our friends and post-discussion, we decided Nerofico at Damansara Heights to be the venue.

Now, let me tell u something.

Kelvin has brains that tries to poke at every possible scenario that might take place. In other words, if u tell him A, he wouldn't give u the benefit of it until u can convince him that is IT IS A.

And especially if ur a long time friend, he will give u that look that says "ur not hiding something behind me are u?" and scrutinise u while working his brains at the speed of light to process any flaws that u might have accidentally conjured.

And so, I had to put on my best POKERFACE and tell him the following:

"Kelvin u free this Friday nite arr? This year we're just gonna do a dinner..its gonna be u, me, Aries, Billy and Albert..u good with it? I need to confirm so I can book the place."

I had to say it as-a-matter-of-factly as I could.

"So ur ok? I booked the place at 8pm. You come with Albert then."

While text messages started flying out to everyone involved regarding the plans, it was all good until Cheong came and Kelvin saw him and he saw Kelvin right smack in the eye like, 30 mins before the event.


We got a private room and it was really lovely! Here's a shot of the menu.

We ordered our own mains and two pizzas to share. One is their house pizza while the other is vegetarian (thank u guys!!! T.T).

YeeJie looking all professional in serving us pizza. He insisted on serving only the girls while the guys had to settle themselves haha! Awwww..

Now that's my order! Glass of fresh apple. And, fettucine cooked in carbonara sauce with fresh shiitake mushrooms and sundried tomatoes (which tasted awfully funny!). But credits to them, the fettucine was done just right and it was the best I've tasted so far! Seriously, this plate is for sharing! The sauce was awesome!

Choong Hoe admiring his risotto.

And the birthday boy trying to pluck out the candles which we stuffed deeper in.

And here he is, doing the traditional session of plucking the candles out using his mouth =))

Picture of Jacey and I! She always looks so gorgeous! And I think I look a lil elfish and dazed. Ok nvm. =p

And finally, the group picture! Somehow, Kelvin seemed so blissfully happy! LOL!

Thanks everyone for helping to make this a good dinner! =D

Happy 25th once again Kelvin! Hope it was a good one for u! =)