Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beautiful Like You

Yeah, I am recently addicted to this song. Like seriously addicted. The song is just plain awesome :) Lee DeWyze rocks! Haha Adele, too! Rolling In The Deep is great. Reminds me of all the beautiful souls I have met, have known and came across. :)

Anyway! So much has happened over the past 2 weeks. I've attended two weddings, been on a journey of finding my inner self, and I have met really wonderful people.

Ex-colleague's Ryan's wedding was on the 29th of May. That was the first time I actually tried to stick to a single lens for casual (and fun!) shooting for this friend of mine. Used the Prime and got hooked on it since. :) (The full post has been posted at I really love the decors and had such a good time viewing the videos of the proposal and events of the morning itself! And of course, not to forget, catch-ups with fellow ex-colleagues!

The following week, I headed up to Ipoh with a huge group of fellow PhD friends for YW's wedding. She was an absolutely good host,
ensuring that we get accommodations (Thanks YW! The bungalow was awesome! :D) and that our needs were catered to.

Needless to say, she looked stunning in the gowns. I love the blue gown she wore - it was so fairytale-like! :D The red number was unique too! Had fun taking pix alongside fellow PhDs Albert and Lee Seng. The next morning the tea ceremony was held. I have had the privilege of tagging along with the 'heng dai' team (for some random and fun shots). The 'dai kam che' was hilarious (and commanding!) and pranks were pulled on the g
uys entourage..t'was fun and everyone had a good time laughing! :) sneaked here and there to get shots and at one point, I was taking a breather and chatted to fellow friends when we noticed Lee Seng was perspiring all over! He was literally drenched! I guess it could be due to the heavy shutter (when I said heavy, it was really heavy!) and the items he carried with him. Albert was up in the bride's room waiting for those endearing shots :)

It was a good weekend in Ipoh and I do hope to go there again some day for the sights and sounds and
food...haha! That weekend has proved to be a rebonding session for us too. And I get to talk to a friend whom I have known for almost 8 years but never talked to before.

Those breaks helped set myself back on course. For some unknown reason, I felt much less constrained than before. As if some chains have been lifted off me. The motivation to strive towards what I want out of life is back...and first on the list, is to get this PhD done as soon as possible with all the best that I can. And I came to realise that, taking pictures is some form
of self-expression for me. I caught myself smiling in the middle of night when looking back at the snapshots of happy faces and joyous moments haha.. :)

I have this strong urge to begin living my heart's desires - to make a difference to this world no matter how big or small, as every difference made, like a wave, sends out ripples and affects all that is in touch with it. Joined the Eco Warriors to keep up to date with all environmental conservation activities. The next on my list would be WWF. I guess its due to this inner resonance and love for mother nature.. :D

Such feelings brought back a memory of Segovia. Here's a picture of memory from when I was there. This is the interior of the Segovia Cathedral..extremely huge and really nice. :) I wish I had more time there to explore the Saints.