Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random #2


I'm feeling restless. Its 2.33am.

Saw a car turned onto its side in Bandar Utama. Right in the middle of the road. Drive safe ppl!

I think, I desperately need a break! That dry feeling is haunting me again. You know how sometimes when you continuously work on the same thing for an endless stretch you somehow get that bland taste in your mouth? =|

Me want a Night Fury! Me want to fly away!

Ohh, and I saw Paul Moss, Amber Chia and her hubby the last 2 days. Was at this vegetarian restaurant when I looked outside, *stared*, *blinked* and commented, "whoaaaaaa she's hawwwtt!". Then she walked in and I thought her hair and face cut looked familiar. AMBER! She was donning shades.

Random picture for this post :

No I did not go diving. This was taken from the tunnel in Aquaria KLCC.

Aight The Owl (you know who you are) is chasing me to sleep. Nights y'all!


  1. YESSS!!! Faster gooooooooooo... =.='

  2. Hahaha too late! This post was dated two days ago! =p