Friday, April 23, 2010

Random #1


Seems like its going to rain. Can smell it.

Had a good dose of laughing yesterday. More like amusement. Seeing someone going tomato in the face for the first time. Lol that was classic! Never knew that person could actually laugh out loud in public while on MSN.

Iced green tea soy latte is not bad really.

Addicted to the following songs these days :-
1. Hey, Soul Sister by Train
2. The Saltwater Room by Owl City
3. Sexy Chick by David Guetta ft Akon

I need to recuperate and get some good rest. Time to indulge in sports again. Those fats are depressing! Rawr! >=(

Random picture for this post:

Yums. Aglio Olio spaghetti ala vegetarian style with special requests of sauteed mushrooms, brocolli, cauliflower and cherry tomatoes thrown in. Oh, and a good dose of grounded black pepper with toppings of parmesan cheese.

Simple but tantalising. Only at D'lish Bangsar.

3.58am now.

Oh, some funny lines from FlyFM Pagi show. How do you tell someone his fly is open?
1. The bird has left the cage.
2. The cucumber has to return to the salad (huh?)
3. Quasimodo has to go back to his tower to tend to his bells.


I think imma hit the sacks. Good night world!


  1. OMG!!! TOMATO?!?! Argh + LOL!!!
    and... What a good looking spaghetti you had there! Wish to visit it some time soon! Hehe~
    AND!!! You + FlyFM listening to Fly being Opened?
    ommagaad... naooo that's classic! xD

  2. Yes, TOMATO it was! Seriously classic. I should have took a snapshot!

    Haha go have a try one day! This aglio olio is a wee bit more expensive but its worth every bite IMHO. ;)

    Nahh, FlyFM was broadcasting it over the air - I can't help it can I? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Trust me, drivers on the road must be thinking, "Red alert! Red alert! A siao por driving a Saga Aeroback is laughing to herself in the car!!!"

    Always a good start to the morning to have a dose of Fly! =p