Monday, April 26, 2010

That Nike workout top

That was motivation. Yeah I meant the title.

Those workout tops from Nike and Adidas are awesome!

But, I think I shall tone up a bit before getting any. Someone not entirely fit (*hint* me!) wearing such sporty outfits, quite potong loh. =/

Ahh I miss my fittest self!

On a mission to hit the optimum fitness and health!

Day #1 (Today!) --> First detox!

Salads and whole grain bread for lunch. Plus a cuppa my favourite chamomile tea.

A box of goodness of butterhead, corals, capsicums, cherry tomatoes, raisins and 2 slices of grapefruit!

Wahh I feel healthier already just by mentioning/looking at them! xD

Let's see how long this determination lasts! xD


  1. i prefer adidas one hehehe nike just overhype haha

  2. Yong! LOL! I think its been a long time since we both commented on each other's blogs hahaha..=p actually both also I like xD but quite expensive =s

    June trip? =)