Sunday, April 18, 2010

Same Old Brand New Blog

Brand new look. Brand new header. Same old spot.


Taking my life into a whole new direction.

Rejuvenated. Refreshed. Entirely new fighting spirit!

Lazy to explain why 'The Unconventional Angel'. I shall leave that for the next post. Hahaha.

Cheers peeps! =D


  1. Wow... nice rename of the comment link to "blessings"... I'm pretty sure you'll get loads of it... Haha! Anyway, seriously need to compliment on the header... It's seriously majestic and mysterious at the same time... Calm and peaceful moonlit night... Remember Speedy? LOL! Keep up with the blog posts ya... I'll be hawking VERY FREQUENTLY for updates and Imma complain if there ain't new stuffs being posted every second... LMAO! Kudos to your new blog! Love it to the MAXXX~~~ XD

  2. Hahaha blessings sounds comforting! =D

    Thank you for the compliment to the header! Yeah u are right, I meant it to be beautifully mystical and calm =))

    Will definitely update my blog now that I have made updates to it! Hawking frequently? *ahem coughs* someone didn't update his blog pun..=.="

    Ahahahaha! Let's blog on! =D