Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Marrying Game

The title was from an article published in The Star today. And after reading the contents, I can't help but conclude how true they were!

The stats showed that more than 40% of men do not get married due to financial problems. And the problem women encountered is because they couldn't find a suitable candidate.

True, ain't it?

If you ask me, why am I not attached at the moment, I would tell you just one word. Uncertainty. Alright, I admit, there are traces of fear and insecurity as well. No one can see the future, no one can tell what the future holds for us all. What? Take a leap of faith, you said? Take a chance? Well I'd love to. But fear always hits back at me. Always. 101%.

Maybe I should conquer my fear and place my faith in Fate. Alright, you can criticise me for being overly negative. Or for not living what I preach to others. To me, the dating phase is like a sunny spring garden - beautiful, full of promises, dotted with butterflies and all things colorful. Marriage is like summer, when the flowers bloom at their best. However what comes after marriage are family commitments. Now this is where the real challenges start and understanding comes into play.

Nevertheless, I still believe in a summer that lasts forever.

I believe everyone cherishes individual freedom to some extent. But also, everyone needs to feel needed and loved as well. Its inherent. There are compromises to be made. Classic fairytales are immensely rare if not extinct. But we can all make our own modern fairytales. The spark, the joy, the love, the respect and the chemistry are what brought two people together in the first place. Never let them die. Immortalise them.

Life is never smooth sailing, but with the right thoughts and attitude, we can make life an exciting voyage. And I will still keep believing that unconditional love stands the test of time. That however conditions change, there is still that mutual respect and care that each person has for another.

Kind of relieved now that I have blogged part of my thoughts. But I've still got work to do in conquering my insecurities and fears haha.

Anyway, twas a lovely evening yesterday! Captured this picture in fluorescent mode on my mobile.

Do share some thoughts if you have any! Maybe you could help me conquer my inner insecurities. =) muchos gracias!


  1. "The stats showed that more than 40% of men do not get married due to financial problems. And the problem women encountered is because they couldn't find a suitable candidate."

    The way of sampling may not be accurate. It is because the majority of country wealth only held by the 25% of the people, and 10% of these 25% hold the 80% of the sum of their wealth (look at the top 10, you will see that phenomena).

    The sampling should do by classifying the interviewee into different income class before they ask the question.

  2. Think it's about placing faith, unwrapping yourself from that comfortable inner cocoon, and embracing another person into your life. Freedom is great (at times), but the feeling of having going back to someone at the end of the day is more gratifying.

    However babe, NEVER let anything, anyone pressure you into (a) relationship(s). You'll know when you're ready for it ;)

  3. Albert :

    I think it doesn't matter what income class at all a person belongs to. This is very subjective as different people have different views of the life they want to live. One may view having millions as financial stability, another may view a steady income which is more than sufficient for a comfortable life as that. And by financial problems, it really depends on what each individual craves for. One may be comfortable with a cosy condo whereas another person demands at least a semi-d or so. Hope you get what I meant ;) but thanks though for your feedback!

    Charmian :

    Hey girl! =D thank you for the comment! Hmm I'm not sure if I am ready for the unwrapping of that inner cocoon anytime near or soon haha. I guess maybe I could say that I am terrified of empty promises LOL. However still, at the end of the day I shall just leave it all to Fate. =) no worries! I never let anyone or anything pressure me into something which I am entirely not ready about! Haha. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts dear! Hope all is well with you there in UK! =)