Friday, October 22, 2010

That sparkle of joy in the eyes

Hmm. Do you feel uplifted when someone flashes a genuine smile at you? One in which the eyes speak everything?

Alright. I admit. I am a visual person. I like to observe. Inquisitive mind. And what I saw, I like to conjure up a story in my head.

And I always, almost all the time, prefer happy stories.

Well ok, who doesn't anyway? ;)

You know when people say that if a person's smile is genuine, you can see it in his/her eyes too? I totally buy that. Undeniably the windows to the soul. Its that sparkle of joy and bliss that I find solace in. And it always lifts my mood. I feel it.

Now, do pardon me if I start staring into your eyes. LOL. Then again, maybe I could do with a Mr Sunshine in my life. Haha!

Attended one of my long-time friend's wedding last Saturday. Special thanks to her for giving me the opportunity to sneak around with my camera. =D Here's sharing one of the edits. The one that I love best.

Congratulations to Justin and Diane! Wishing you both lasting bliss, joy and happiness! =)

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