Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just Married =)

Well, I was walking half-dazedly to pay my parking ticket after dinner and then I turned around and saw this.

Yes you can imagine my excitement (*read: pointing at the car jumping up and down*) at that moment. xD I was literally awed!

Now that is a very, very unconventional and surprising move! Imagine when this car goes on the road. Everyone would be smiling! It would bring back fond memories for some if not most! Kids would be screaming delighted! Now I don't see this as setting standards on what guys should do, but rather let's all feel happy for the couple in that they have taken a very unique and bold approach. A move that would definitely leave you smiling. =)

Congratulations to Andy and Lynn! Whoever or wherever you both are! Thank you both for lifting my spirit and leaving a huge smile on my face! =D Wishing you both continuous excitement in life and all the best that life can offer!

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