Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Process of Falling

Suggestive title, eh? Haha!

Was driving to work this morning with a very, very gloomy weather (hey it was drizzling and the skies were grey and it would be awesome to sleep in but had to drag my big fat butt off to work T.T). Anyways!

So this thought came to me while I was driving. Yeah ok, those mellow Mandarin songs got thoughts running through my head. And the fact that I got pawned big time on this particular subject left traces that contributed to those thoughts too.

So what's all this falling about?

First it started as fascination. Aha, I think some of you might have had light bulbs on your heads now! Now zip your mouths while I finish my Oscar-award speech.

Fascination. Then slowly, slowly, fascination links the path of observation. And then comes the foundation for friendships and the sorts. Slowly this combination of elation, mesmerisation and fascination combines to form a lethal weapon that leaves you entrapped within helplessly.

And then it happens. You started tripping. Butterflies visit your innards. Bouts of sudden increased heartbeats. Flushed cheeks. What happens after you trip?

You FALL. =) Maybe small time. Maybe BIG time. Ok lame sorry. There's no such thing as small time.

But what continues after the fall -the getting up again, is not an easy path to walk. Determination and understanding are entirely needed with occasional doses of sparks and fireflies to keep the journey exciting.

Damn, I think I'm on writer's mode now. I should go continue working on my writings. See ya peeps! Hope this post entertained you somewhat, in some way! xD

Picture of the day: mushroom bruschettas!

I'm missing these bruschettas already! =(

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