Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Will be away from the blogging scene till end of next week.

Getting really exhausted now both mentally and physically.

Woke up with trembling hands and legs from a nap last night due to over-exertion. I think its time to call for a break.

Conference up next week. Hectic 4 days from 1st June - 4th June. Anyone wants to come listen to my boring and technical presentation? =)

Starting June 5th, I'm SO going to self declare a few days of break for personal rejuvenation time!

Will update then piccies of birthday celebrations with friends and a lovely handmade album.

Currently addicted to 五月天 - 最重要的小事.

Don't know why, this song makes me cry and touches me deeply. T.T Love the lyrics! Reminds me of the people around me who truly cares.

Ok, till June 5th then! Ciao!