Friday, May 7, 2010

Seeking The Magic Number 7 in May

The story.

May 1st, 2010 :: Trying to crack my head over the planning of a birthday surprise for Kelvin.

The process of deciding the venue, time and HOW to mislead him is a REAL CHALLENGE.

Because this long time buddy of mine is one quiet-but-extremely-observant-don't-judge-me-sitting-nonchalantly-there-in-fact-i-know-every-single-thing friend.

And so!

After creating a FB event page and inviting most of our friends and post-discussion, we decided Nerofico at Damansara Heights to be the venue.

Now, let me tell u something.

Kelvin has brains that tries to poke at every possible scenario that might take place. In other words, if u tell him A, he wouldn't give u the benefit of it until u can convince him that is IT IS A.

And especially if ur a long time friend, he will give u that look that says "ur not hiding something behind me are u?" and scrutinise u while working his brains at the speed of light to process any flaws that u might have accidentally conjured.

And so, I had to put on my best POKERFACE and tell him the following:

"Kelvin u free this Friday nite arr? This year we're just gonna do a dinner..its gonna be u, me, Aries, Billy and Albert..u good with it? I need to confirm so I can book the place."

I had to say it as-a-matter-of-factly as I could.

"So ur ok? I booked the place at 8pm. You come with Albert then."

While text messages started flying out to everyone involved regarding the plans, it was all good until Cheong came and Kelvin saw him and he saw Kelvin right smack in the eye like, 30 mins before the event.


We got a private room and it was really lovely! Here's a shot of the menu.

We ordered our own mains and two pizzas to share. One is their house pizza while the other is vegetarian (thank u guys!!! T.T).

YeeJie looking all professional in serving us pizza. He insisted on serving only the girls while the guys had to settle themselves haha! Awwww..

Now that's my order! Glass of fresh apple. And, fettucine cooked in carbonara sauce with fresh shiitake mushrooms and sundried tomatoes (which tasted awfully funny!). But credits to them, the fettucine was done just right and it was the best I've tasted so far! Seriously, this plate is for sharing! The sauce was awesome!

Choong Hoe admiring his risotto.

And the birthday boy trying to pluck out the candles which we stuffed deeper in.

And here he is, doing the traditional session of plucking the candles out using his mouth =))

Picture of Jacey and I! She always looks so gorgeous! And I think I look a lil elfish and dazed. Ok nvm. =p

And finally, the group picture! Somehow, Kelvin seemed so blissfully happy! LOL!

Thanks everyone for helping to make this a good dinner! =D

Happy 25th once again Kelvin! Hope it was a good one for u! =)


  1. I think... you were styling your hair while thinking of Legolas Greenleaf... I bet Jacey's gonna go like... WUUUAT IS ZZZAT?!?! o.O

    Anyway, arghhhh... Wish I could be there to craze along with you guys too!!! xD

  2. Hahahaha! I didn't realise it until I saw the pix and I was like..ohhhmagawddd I look elfish!! Haha! Nah Jacey can recognise me anytime! =)

    Craze? Next week? =p

  3. Thanks a lot everyone... for the lovely dinner... hmm I'm being very greedy... It could have been better :) But, sadly it depends on two and not the other ten.

    ~Kelvin Ho~