Thursday, July 29, 2010

If you can...

Ok, I still have a couple of outdated posts to catch up on, and I think I shall post them as pix-posts soon! *hopefully*

And by outdated, I mean really, really outdated! Well anyways! xD

Thought I'd do some abstract writing, which somehow speaks for me.

If you can...

let the wind take you away
be immersed in the rich golden hues of a sunset
contemplate among the solitary stillness of a forest
smile at the mist-covered mountains in the morning
fall in love with the yawns of new born puppies
breathe in that crisp freshness of dawn
bask in the quiet shimmer of starlight
be touched by small acts of kindness in daily life
count your blessings for each chocolate cookie you have
enjoy the lap of waves at your feet

Then you would have understood some deepest parts of me. =)