Tuesday, December 11, 2012

..and its been 8 months!

Know what? I totally forgot I have a blog for the past 8 months. No kidding.

See, this is what post-grad studies do to you. =.=

Thought maybe I should just update with a post since now I've finally recalled its existence. Haha. :)

So let's see. The past 8 months have been a rollercoaster of a ride. Rushing experiments, rushing publications..rushing thesis. Flying off to Germany and London for conferences. Meeting new people, renewing ties with old ones. Getting back to the working world again. 

Maybe I should go catch a breather.

But the ride's been good, if not enjoyable. 2012 is probably the year in which I have learned (and grew) the most. Finding my path, finding my own identity. Pinpointing objectives in life. 

Its great to be back at work again. And I like my seating place. Very got feng shui. Haha. ;p

Christmas is just 14 days away! And in another month or so, its d-day. Yes, the moment when I finally have to defend my thesis. The viva. 

Gotta run now. Update again soon! Here's a picture of the Mosel river (Koblenz, Germany) for ya! Miss the serenity and the buffalo mozzarella! And till now, I've always wondered how I managed to get through the entire week in Germany without knowing a single German phrase except for 'danke' and 'schoen'. Its great fun being adventurous though =)

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